Hacking by Walkingice: 2012/06


Gnome-shell makes things tough

That is my murmur in google+.

Debian Testing is my distribution of choice, last night it upgrade gnome-shell from 3.2 to 3.4. The good thing it provides 'fixed workspace number' in settings. The bad things I loose all my 'shorcut key binding'. I have to reconfigure my working environment this morning to get things work, includes digging in extensions.gnome.org.

I do not use a computer for using computer itself, but I do use computer for finishing some works in my life.

However, each time I upgrade gnome-shell (metacity to gnome-shell 3.0, 3.0 to 3.2, 3.2 to 3.4). I have to spend lots of time to make my laptop becomes working.

Working means it acts like that I wish it was. That is too stupid, I get a new thing and spend time to make it old since the old one works better.

I use Linux since it provides more options to customize to fits me, otherwise I will use Mac OS X. I had a iBook G4, everytime when I was using it, I heard Steve Jobs is shouting "Fool, you are using your computer in wrong way". well, I think gnome-shell team is trying to teach me how to use computer as well.

Extensions website save my life. but it is wrong. extension should be 'improving' but not 'saving'. It is weird gnome-shell says 'do not complain, you have way to clean your room since I mess it up.'

I am a developer, I understand things must forward, I agree with 'making gnome forwarding'. But making a political decision is not only about right or wrong but about how.

If gnome-shell made everthing looks like before and pretend nothing changed when the first time people see gnome-shell. Trust me, everybody will love it. ("it make gnome forward slowly?" as I said, we are using computer to finish job, we are not using computer to use gnome-shell.)

One more thing, there is a executable called 'gnome-shell-extension-prefs' to modify preferences of extension, thats great. but you cannot find it by searching. you have to launch it via command line. AWESOME!