Hacking by Walkingice: 2008/11


Starting at EFL

Well, I want to write something about EFL first.

[EFL], Enlightenment Foundation Libraries, is a GUI libraries which let you draw something on X. The windows manager Enlightenment is written by EFL. The position of EFL in Enlightenment is like GTK for Gnome or Qtopia for KDE.

The maintainer make huge progress in EFL therefore it changes very fast.
Before he make a release of EFL, we can say that EFL changes EVERYDAY.

Rasterman, one maintainer of EFL, provided a script (get_e.sh) that you may build EFL easily.

However, for the reason that getting more stable, Openmoko only use svn revision 36882 of EFL before it release.

You can use this script to checkout out the source code and build it with revision 36882.


sudo echo "Get Root permission" || exit
list="eina eet evas ecore e_dbus efreet embryo edje etk edje_editor edje_viewer"

for l in $list;do
svn co -r 36882 http://svn.enlightenment.org/svn/e/trunk/$l
cd $l
./autogen.sh || exit
sudo make install
cd ..

Hello Blogger

Hi, this is the first article in this blog. I am Julian Chu, a Chinese native speaker and live in Taiwan.

I am going to use this blog to write some boring and sleepy technical stuffs. Recordes what I learned and hopes it could help me to improve my poor English.