Hacking by Walkingice: 2011/06


To change default window manager

This is a quick note for myself to avoid bother [Kanru] again and again.


I use compiz in my Debian a lot. The default window manager in Gnome2 is metacity. I would not like to type this command once I reboot.
$ compiz ccp --indirect-rendering --replace


Tell gnome to use compiz as default windowmanager
  • open gconf-editor, navigate to /desktop/gnome/session/required_components
  • change value of windowmanager to compiz
  • logout and login, here you go
If you want to specify some runtime parameters to compiz like me ( assign ccp --indirect-rendering), just to
  • edit /usr/share/applications/compiz.desktop
  • change the value of Exec to Exec=compiz ccp --indirect-rendering

I have tried edit ~/.gnomerc but it does not work.